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Vetrihemp Organic HEMP HAPPY HORSE

The valuable raw materials for our organic hemp products as supplementary feed for horses are produced from the industrial hemp plant by our contract farm-ers, under the highest quality criteria in Austria and Germany.They are available as handy hemp pellets or hemp leaf powder for simple feed mixtures in 10 kg to big bag sizes.

Hemp is rich in valuable proteins, vitamins, minerals, fibre and hemp‘s own ingredients, which are known for their health-promoting effects.

Horse owners are enthusiastic and swear by it!

Hemp pellets

Organic Hemp Happy Horse Hemp Leaf Pellets

Hemp leaf pellets are easier to feed and can also be added wet or dry to normal feed.

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Hemp Leaf Pellets
Hemp leaf powder

Organic Hemp Happy Horse Hemp Leaf Powder

The hemp leaf powder is rich in fiber and can be metabolized very well due to its consistency.

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Hemp leaf powder